Delaware Court of Chancery

The Delaware Court of Chancery is internationally acclaimed for its expertise in resolving business disputes.  Our litigators have extensive experience in the Court of Chancery, including:

  • Represented controlling stockholders in dispute related to control of a television network.
  • Represented public e-commerce company against claim that former employee was entitled to certain stock-based compensation.
  • Represented cannabis company in appraisal action.
  • Represented architectural firm in dispute arising from acquisition of a smaller firm.
  • Represented numerous public and private companies in connection with post-closing claims for fraud and breaches of representations and warranties or earn-out provisions in connection with sales of Delaware companies.
  • Represented litigation trustee pursuing fiduciary duty claims against former directors and officers of a corporation that went bankrupt.
  • Represented mining company responding to stockholder demand to inspect corporate records.
  • Represented trust beneficiary suing trustees for breaches of fiduciary duty in overseeing businesses held in trust.
  • Represented business process outsourcing provider in appraisal action.
  • Represented nominal defendant during fiduciary duty action against directors relating to an internalization of a formerly external manager.
  • Represented preferred stockholder in expedited litigation enforcing preferential rights.
  • Represented independent directors of a startup pharmaceutical company in a control action and related breach of fiduciary duty action.
  • Represented business founder in intracorporate dispute with business partner.
  • Represented company and founder in litigation against an acquiring company over the calculation of various payments, including earnouts, guaranteed payments, and closing working capital.