Why Dailey LLP?

By using more experienced attorneys and integrated and innovative technology, we eliminate traditional law firm inefficiencies. We are the law firm model for a new era.

Experienced Team

  • Our team has decades of experience handling high-stakes litigation, arbitrations, and investigations. As partners and attorneys who came from some of the largest law firms in the world, we have represented public and private companies, as well as their directors, officers, partners, and employees in some of their most important matters.
  • Our team has represented a range of industries in critical litigation including: accounting firms, life science and medical device companies, financial institutions, health and life insurance companies, investment research firms, hedge funds, private equity funds and their portfolio companies, telecommunications companies, and advocacy groups.

Client Value

  • Our client teams use fewer attorneys, with higher levels of experience, on each matter. This approach eliminates inefficiencies and produces better client service and results at a lower overall cost.
  • We utilize the best technology to (1) deliver efficient service, and (2) eliminate administrative time and bloat that increases costs.
  • We are internally organized so that our team streamlines communication with your team about strategy and what we need to best fight your fight.
  • We utilize several alternative fee options so that, from the outset, our clients will know that our interests are aligned with theirs.


  • Our team has guided clients through complex high-profile litigation and investigations, including matters related to Enron, Madoff, and the 2008 Financial Crisis, to name a few.
  • We have obtained significant victories at trial, at the dispositive motion stage, and on appeal. We also have negotiated favorable settlements for our clients. While great results for clients come in various forms, all great results start with a firm understanding of a client’s needs and goals that we build into the strategy from the beginning.