What Others Say About Us

Jeffery Dailey - Attorney

Jeffery A. Dailey

“Jeff Dailey is a superior litigator and business advisor. He is a brilliant strategist and a tenacious advocate. By far one of the best lawyers I’ve worked with in my career.”
– Litigation and Regulatory In-House Counsel at Big 4 Accounting Firm

“Jeff is a consummate professional and one of the most accomplished advocates with whom I have ever had the pleasure of practicing.”
– Commercial Litigation Partner

“Jeff is an extraordinary attorney who practices at a very high level … I would trust Jeff with my clients wholeheartedly and without reservation.”
– Commercial Litigation Attorney

“Jeff is an excellent lawyer who is also very facile with financial information of all kinds, making him particularly well suited for any matter requiring analysis of complex financial documents and cross-examination of economic, accounting, or similar experts.”
– Commercial Litigation Shareholder

Alfred A Brown - Attorney

Alfred Anthony Brown

“Al Brown is that unexpected hybrid, the attorney with significant computing skills. He has been crucial and irreplaceable in the project that we’ve worked on.”
– Director, Global Client Data Services at Professional Services Firm

“… Al demonstrated an exceptional capacity for sustained and flawless attention to detail over long periods of time under enormous time pressure…[and] demonstrated particular strengths applying document management technologies to complicated legal issues.”
– Noted Philadelphia Trial Lawyer

Lisa Dailey - Attorney

Lisa L. Dailey

“Lisa has a wealth of experience in construction law and litigation. She is an effective, determined advocate for her clients’ best interest. Her calm, intelligent demeanor and focus on what truly matters to her client reduces wasted time and aids her in delivering better, more efficient results.”
– Construction Litigation Attorney

“[Lisa] knows the subject area of the law (construction contract) inside and out and was able to maneuver a difficult political environment within the company. She gave me the attention that made me feel as if I was the firm’s most important client even though it was a relatively small matter.”
– Construction Law Counsel

“I have the utmost confidence and respect for Lisa Dailey’s judgment and legal ability.”
– Commercial Litigation Attorney

Gay Parks Rainville - Attorney

Gay Parks Rainville

“During her 30-year legal career, Gay has done it all…top large law firm litigator…valued in-house counsel… and now co-founder of a business litigation boutique.”
– ABA 2019 Women in Litigation Committee Conference in Chicago,
Honoring Gay Parks Rainville as “100 Women Who Inspire Us”

Gay Parks Rainville - Attorney

Jacqueline M. Woolley

“Jackie is an invaluable resource and trusted advisor. We value not only her deep employment law expertise but also her approachable and collaborative manner. She provides us with efficient, practical and cost-effective guidance and counsel for all of our employment-related issues.”
– President and Founder, Consulting and Technology Services Firm

“We have never dealt with an attorney as efficient and conscientious as Jackie. We believe Jackie’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable and our firm has benefited immensely from her advice and guidance. We could not be more satisfied with the treatment and attention to our legal issues. Jackie is the best to work with and we know we are in good hands.”
– Director, Strategic Business Consulting Firm