The Delaware Court of Chancery

Experience matters in the Delaware Court of Chancery

The Delaware Court of Chancery is internationally acclaimed for its expertise in resolving business disputes, and our litigators are deeply immersed in all the rules, protocols, and best practices of this court.

The Delaware Court of Chancery is best known for hearing corporate conflicts, fiduciary disputes, and cases involving mergers and acquisitions—all types of business litigation. Dailey’s attorneys have the practical Court of Chancery experience that cannot be earned anywhere else. They understand the “Delaware Way” – a unique, unwritten standard of collegiality and professionalism among Delaware attorneys, and we use that deep experience to help our clients achieve the most favorable result possible.

Our Clients Include

  • Delaware corporations and alternative entities
  • Directors
  • Stockholders
  • LLC members and managers

Representative Matters

  • Representing SPAC and its Officers and Directors in putative shareholder class action alleging breach of fiduciary duty regarding consummation of a de-SPAC merger.
  • Represented Chinese insurance company in Delaware Chancery Court trial over repudiated sale of billion-dollar portfolio of US-based luxury hotels stemming from onset of COVID pandemic.
  • Successfully defended controlling stockholders in dispute related to control of a television network.
  • Served as outside counsel for a public e-commerce company against claim that former employee was entitled to certain stock-based compensation.
  • Represented litigation trustee pursuing fiduciary duty claims against former directors and officers of a corporation that went bankrupt.
  • Represented cannabis company in appraisal action.
  • Represented architectural firm in dispute arising from acquisition of a smaller firm.
  • Represented numerous public and private companies in connection with post-closing claims for fraud and breaches of representations and warranties or earn-out provisions in connection with sales of Delaware companies.
  • Represented mining company responding to stockholder demand to inspect corporate records.
  • Represented trust beneficiary suing trustees for breaches of fiduciary duty in overseeing businesses held in trust.
  • Represented business process outsourcing provider in appraisal action.
  • Represented nominal defendant during fiduciary duty action against directors relating to an internalization of a formerly external manager.
  • Represented preferred stockholder in expedited litigation enforcing preferential rights.