Complex Commercial Litigation

Our litigators have decades of experience handling high-stakes complex commercial litigation matters from inception through trial. Some recent matters include:

  • Represent a nationwide retailer in class action litigation and related proceedings before the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, in which plaintiffs challenge the method used to calculate and collect sales tax on discounted items.
  • Represented an investment research firm in litigation brought by a Receiver in control of several defunct hedge funds, asserting claims of contribution and common law aiding and abetting, from a judgment obtained by the SEC against the defunct hedge funds. Trial defense verdict on all claims.
  • Represented the CEO of a multinational corporation in a suit alleging fraud and breach of contract. Preliminary objections granted on all claims. Dismissal was affirmed by the Pennsylvania Superior Court.
  • Represented an internet services provider in a business disruption lawsuit alleging that a company was forced out of business because of actions taken by the internet service provider. Trial defense verdict on all claims.
  • Represented an investor in an action against a financial institution trustee over its failure to safeguard viatical contract investments, which were converted and sold to another investor to the detriment of the original investor. Trial verdict obtained on behalf of client.
  • Represented a commercial recycling resources company in a lawsuit filed against it by an equipment leasing company alleging breach of a leasing and financing contract related to industrial machinery. We obtained critical information from third parties that undercut the claim, and resulted in a trial defense verdict on all claims.
  • Represented a life insurance company in a multimillion-dollar dispute with a company over payout of key man life insurance policies because of misrepresentations made by the policyholder during the application process and during the contestability period.
  • Represented an investment management firm against claims that the investment management firm had (1) acted outside authority granted to it in an Investment Management Agreement, and (2) violated Pennsylvania and Illinois law by recording calls it had with the investor allegedly without the investor’s consent.
  • Represented a former General Counsel and interim Chief Executive Officer in a suit for defamation brought by the former Chief Executive Officer of a life sciences company.
  • Represented an advocacy group sued for alleged defamation after it posted a video of attendees of an event along with a description of the actions of individuals attending the event.
  • Represented a life insurance company sued by a university foundation for alleged misrepresentations related to long term premiums and investment performance on policies that foundation donors obtained for the benefit of the foundation.
  • Represented a disability insurance company in a multimillion-dollar dispute over payout of professional disability policies because of misrepresentations made by policyholder during the application process and claim submission process.
  • Represented an executive search firm in litigation over withheld placement fees.
  • Represented a franchisee in litigation with a nationwide franchisor of early childhood education centers over alleged breaches of franchise agreement.
  • Represented a life insurance company in joinder proceeding over disputed policy proceeds.
  • Represented a coalition of families of charter school students who intervened in litigation over school funding where funds had been improperly withheld from the charter school by a school district.
  • Represented a financial institution in an action based on employee theft of customer information, including claims of unfair trade practices, breach of confidentiality, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and negligent supervision.
  • Represented the U.S. subsidiary of a multinational company with respect to privacy disclosure issues and policies for safeguarding and disposing of customer and employee personal information.